How to Write Effective Cold Emails in Minutes Using AI

Write Cold Emails Using AI

Introducing yourself, especially to someone you don’t know well, can be tricky. You want to be warm and friendly without seeming too intrusive.

Sending a cold email is pretty much the same thing.

Cold emailing is all about making a good first impression on the spot. It’s used to start conversations with strangers, so think of it as getting to know your potential clients better.

In this article, I will introduce artificial intelligence as your new friend, to help you write cold emails that actually work.

Let’s get started:

What is a Cold Email?

Cold emailing is a marketing technique that is used to reach out to someone who might not know you and get them to take an interest in your product or service.

Cold emailing allows business owners to target a specific audience without spending a lot of time finding the right people. It also gives them the opportunity to get their product in front of potential customers before they are even aware that they need it.

Cold emails can be effective if they are well-written, personalized, and sent at the right time.

You can think of it as a cold call, but much less obtrusive.

Why is cold emailing a valuable marketing tool for business owners?

cold emailing a valuable marketing tool

Cold emails are one of the most effective and widely used marketing tools. Here are some reasons why you should consider using cold emails in your marketing plan:

  • Cold emailing gives you a quick and easy way to reach new customers: Cold emails are effective when trying to reach potential customers on the other side of your business and present them with a unique offer that is specific to their needs.
  • Cold emailing is cost-effective: It’s a relatively affordable marketing channel with little to no setup costs. You can usually get started on cold emailing by gathering a list of email addresses and you’re good to go.
  • Cold emailing gives you control: You have all the control over who you email and when. With cold emails, you’re in charge of your strategy, rather than letting external factors dictate it for you.
  • Cold emailing is scalable: It’s easy to adjust the size of your cold email list and send as few or as many emails as you want. The more successful your cold email campaign is, the longer you can continue to use it over time.

What is AI, and how can it help you write effective cold emails?

AI is a wide-ranging branch of computer science that focuses on building machines or algorithms that can perform tasks that mimic the human mind.

Artificial intelligence has left its mark on this world as it has become an important tool for many industries including healthcare, transportation, financial services, education, and more.

Artificial intelligence has recently entered the content industry as it can be used to automate the entire writing process.

Now you can use AI writing assistants for any aspect of your writing process. They can be used for editing, grammar, spelling, and even writing any type of content. AI programs are trained by the best copywriters with advanced algorithms to produce high-quality content.

Let’s see how AI can help you write effective cold emails that get responses.

How to Use AI to Write Cold Emails That Actually Get Responses

In this article, I’ll use a leading AI copywriting software and go over some examples so you can produce awesome cold emails for your next marketing strategy.

I’ll use the writing tool called Jasper AI, but there is plenty of other great AI writing software out there, so do take a look and see which one would work best for you.

Example 1

Let’s test out AI and see how well it works! As your input, you’ll need to write a general description of your product or service.

For example, let’s say you are a WordPress developer and you want to reach out to a user who has just launched a new WordPress website, to offer your services.

First, you could write this description for the “tell us about your product” field as follows:

“I’m a WordPress developer with 5 years of experience, etc..”

You have space to write 800 characters about your product or service, so try to make it count.

Next, you’ll enter your company name in the “Company/Product name” field.

Then, you’ll write The context you want to include in the email, for example:” I’m contacting you because I saw your recently launched WordPress website”.

Lastly choose your preferred tone of voice (say, witty).

Let’s see what Jasper AI can do with the above information:

write a cold email using ai

Hello {recipient name},

My name is {your name}, and I’ll keep this quick.

I am so excited to see you on the web! I’m a WordPress designer with over five years of experience working with businesses to create a website that represents their business well. I love working with people who are looking for an easy, customizable solution. I think we can work together to build a site that will help you grow your business.

Can I have ten minutes of your time next week to give you a personalized demo?


{your name}

Not bad for something that literally takes 3 seconds. Now, you can customize the email to include your own branding, message, and offer.

If you’re not happy with the first one, try again. You’ll end up with something perfect for your business in a few tries.

Example 2

Let’s say you are an SEO specialist and you want to grow your business by sending cold emails to potential clients.

Your input might be like this:

Tell us about your product: “My name is Eric Darnell and I am an SEO specialist…”

Your Company/Product Name: “Your company name”

The context you want to include in the email: “I’ve been in the SEO industry for {{X}} years, and I’d love for you to look over a plan I have”

The tone of voice: Casual

Let’s give AI a new spin:

write a cold email using ai

Hey {recipient name},

I’m Eric, an SEO specialist, and I’ve been in the industry for over a decade. and I’d love to talk to you about your website. I noticed that you aren’t on the first page of Google for [Keyword] and I think that we could help get you there. Let me know what your goals are for this keyword. I’d be happy to provide a plan of action.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Fabulous, isn’t it? The Jasper AI reads these inputs and writes a text with the same tone, message, and context that you entered. Now you just have to customize that email, and you’re done!

Tips for using AI Copywriting Tools in Crafting your Cold Emails

AI copywriters can be really good, but they have some limitations so you should understand them. Here are five tips to follow on how to make the most of AI writers:

  1. Check the facts and numbers: You should never trust AI-generated facts. While it’s true an AI writing tool can write content like a human, it should not be relied on for accurate facts and numbers.
  2. AI output is a hit-or-miss process: There’s no guarantee it will provide you with a satisfying result every time, but it’s worth giving this option some more tries to get what you want.
  3. AI output might be repetitive: You may encounter sentences that repeat over and over again in your AI tool. Just rerun the tool, or make some adjustments to the inputs.
  4. Don’t worry about duplicated content: AI writing tools are perfect when you want original content that has been verified by a plagiarism protection tool, such as Copyscape, which is already integrated with Jasper.
  5. Good input = high-quality output: Just like any human copywriter, AI writers need clear instructions to produce quality content. This makes it important to give them information as if you were giving this same info to a human copywriter.

Tips to Boost Cold Email Response Rate

Cold email response rates are a common metric used by marketers to measure the success of their email marketing campaigns.

There are a few things that you can do to increase your cold email response rate:

  1. Start with an introduction that highlights what you’re about, who you are, and why you’re reaching out.
  2. Use language that is relatable, easy to understand, and conversational.
  3. Keep it short and sweet: don’t make them read through a long message when they can just see if it’s worth reading or not.
  4. Be authentic: tell them about yourself instead of telling them about your product or service – this makes it more likely that they’ll actually want to hear what you have to say.
  5. Use social proof: by showing that other people are already interested in your product or service. This can make the recipient more likely to give you a chance.
  6. Check grammar: Email only takes a few seconds to send, sometimes less. But do yourself a favor and proofread it before hitting that “send” button: make sure the wording is clear and concise; the grammar is correct, and there are no errors in spelling or punctuation.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of good reasons to use an AI tool to help with your writing. It can save you a ton of time, which is perfect if you need to focus on other aspects of your business. They generate ideas and fresh content that will allow you to make progress faster than ever before.

But, keep in mind anything that looks too automated will likely be ignored. so make sure you customize your cold email and improve it to increase the response rate.

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